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After a heart wrenching childhood of family turmoil, pain and distrust in Central Miami, Keisha “:Dior”: Floyd invites us all into her very real world of little girls who grow up to become dancers. Not ballet, rodeo or salsa dancers, but professional strippers—:women who dance for hardcore cash in late-night strip clubs. And in Keisha’:s international, model-haven home of Miami, Florida, the competition is always steep. So Keisha becomes Dior—:a family nickname of sassiness and fast maturity—:as she investigates the lifestyles of exotic entertainers with pretty faces and wicked bodies before she falls right into the fray of getting paid for fantasy and lust. But then the stripping becomes tricking, and customers become predators, and the dream of fast money becomes an addictive nightmare—:all while Dior struggles to keep her leveled head above the shark waters. But enough said. Read it all for yourself. And find out how she survived to write about it.

Pages: 212

Language: English

Book format: PDF

Publisher: Dior's World (28 Dec. 2014)

By: Keisha Floyd (Author)

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