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Welcome to the world of being a 'millennial'. You are part of the most talked about, written about, and yet least understood generation in modern history! You were able to program a VCR and television remote control before you could speak. You were taught using the latest technology, distance learning, and online classes. Socially, you embraced social media and social networking when most of the adult world couldn't spell Google or Twitter. And yet, you find yourself misunderstood at best, and marginalized at worst. However, the reality is, that millennials possess some of the most innovative, and creative minds in the workplace. Unlike previous generations who adhered to militaristic hierarchies, 'me too' group think, and chose to 'live to work', you have decided that organizational layers create unproductive barriers, 'group think' stifles creativity, and that living to work leads to burnout. In your world, your job is an extension of who you are. Your co-workers are an extension of your social network, and you choose to 'work to live' so that you can enjoy all life has to offer! But in reality, you have a real problem. Most of today's leaders are from another time and place. Your bosses are baby-boomers or Gen-Xers (think Baby-boomer wannabes), and in some cases, 'Traditionalists' (think Grandma and Grandpa). They can't seem to understand why you act and think how you do? They struggle to see you as equals in decision-making, and can be intimidated by your grasp of technology. But until you are running the organization, you MUST learn how to work with, through and beside them. This book serves to enhance your ability to succeed by exploring common myths and perceptions regarding Millennials. You will see yourselves through the eyes of others, to better understand and ultimately overcome these misperceptions. Additionally, it will force you to look at yourself in the mirror to uncover some of your 'blind-spots' and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Written by a Millennial with editorial insights by her Baby-boomer father, the hope is that after reading 'Swag Is Not Enough', you will be armed with insights and lessons to take your career to new heights.

Pages: 126

Language: English

Book format: PDF

Publisher: AuthorHouse (8 Jan. 2016)

By: Alana D. Wyche (Author), Keith R. Wyche (Contributor)

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